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My mother and I began a sexual relationship when I was 28 and she was 49 when my step father was dying of cancer. It started out as casual sex, but quickly developed into much more.
Within a month after our affair began, I had moved back home, and we were having sex as much as 3-6 times a day. When my step father passed away my mother asked me to share her bed with her from that night on.
Early on when our relationship began, she told me she had seen a doctor when she was 45, and he informed her she could no longer conceive. So obviously, I came inside her every time without thought. You could imagine our surprise when my mother found out she was a month and a half pregnant five months later since we had been together.
As much stress and worry as it caused us both, we found as we discussed the details of how to conceal our child's origins that the conception of our child was truly a miracle. That baby brought us closer than we could have ever hoped as a couple.
My mother ended up having a miscarriage just over three months, and as difficult as it was for us to have to grieve the loss of our child secretly, it strengthened our love for each other that much more. I know a lot of people don't hear about things like this, and I hope that some people here can keep an open mind and see that what my mother and I have is true love just like any other relationship.



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