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[2752] strap on with ex

My ex and I got stink drunk, and she asked that I tongue and and fuck her ass with her dildo. I was so drunk that I passed out after promising her should could tongue me. I woke up hog tied with her lubing my hole, and thenfucking me with her strapon, at first it hurt a little and then she would grab my balls and fucked me while jerking me off, asking how I like it? All I could do was moan with my manhood in her hands. After that night everytime she wanted to fuck my ass, she would buy me shots of tequila at the bar and whisper in my ear that she wanted in my ass. At other times she would give me a foot job and make me cum on her beautiful feet. I would then have to lick them clean, naturally this evolved into licking her kitty and ass clean after I had cum in her.



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