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[236] Sister Fantasies - [mature content] A while back, I was helping my sister move some things. She leaned down (by the way, she wasn't wearing a bra) and I almost saw her entire breasts....
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[204] "our friend" - [mature content] I masturbate and fantasize about me and my boyfriend having sex while another guy, a friend of ours, does him in the ass.
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[203] peeing - [mature content] I fantasize about peeing on my boyfriend
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[188] Girlfriends Mom - [mature content]  i have masturbated thinking about my girfriends mother - she's not particularly attractive or anything, it's more the taboo and the sexiness...
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[183] married man - [mature content]  The man I am involved with just told me he was married. The messed up thing is... it just made what we do that much hotter for me. I've alw...
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