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[174777] look where your hand is -  I always have been quite horny. As I see a well developped girl I feel the itch in my trousers, and have to touch my dick trough my pants. When I g...
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[147839] Male bi-curious seek dominant couple - [mature content] Male 35, bi-courius seek a dominant couple with a mistress to play on webcam, I would like her make me suck husband's cock and so on.
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[76538] to have a girl to fuck my ass with a strapon - [mature content] i would love for some girl to fuck my ass with a strapon and let me fuck her to idk what it is i just wsnt it iv never tried would rilly like to tho
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[53652] I want to lick a womans... - [mature content] Ive had this fantasy for a while. Ive wanted to put my gf in a doggy style position and lick her pussy all the way up to her asshole. She isnt quit...
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[53104] Sister Daily - [mature content] I masturbate thinking about my sister pretty much daily. Totally want to bend her over and fucker her little ass.
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[50137] My gfs sister - [mature content] Lately i keep fantasising about fucking my girlfriends sister! I know i'd never have a chance at fucking her as she is in a relationship and doesn'...
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