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[1196] video booth -  My wife and i went to a book store with video booths. We were traveling to her fanily for the holidays and stopped overnight at a hotel. We had a f...
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[984] Voyeured Wife - [mature content] I love to voyeur my wif and share her pictures. It excites me to think that she arouses others.
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[876] A Married Man -  Last night, I kissed, embraced, and allowed to be touched by a married man whose wife is pregnant with his first child.
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[875] Shouldn't Have Done It - [mature content] have a great husband. We've been together for 10 years now. I truly love him with all my heart. But there's always been something missing. When we ...
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[874] I Knew All Along -  After divorcing my dad, my mom announced she's a lesbian. Everyone was so shocked - except me. It has always been very apparent to me, from the to...
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