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[2763] friends daughter - [mature content] When I was 31, I had sex with a younger girl. She was a local slut, but gorgeous, 6 feet tall, long hot legs, shaved pussy. I played tennis with ...
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[2762] want to suck some cock - [mature content] I secretly want to suck some cock, but I don't want to be with a guy alone, I want to do with a girl, or girls watching.
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[2761] peanut butter - [mature content] I watched a girl have a dog eat peanut butter out of her pussy for about 90 minutes. She came about 10 times, I came 4 times.
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[2760] car jerkoff - [mature content] I once met a girl online, talked on the phone with her, then met her at the beach and jerked off in the back seat of her car with another guy who I...
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[2757] kissing in church - [mature content] I once made out with a women in the back of a church. Friends say they could hear the moans and groans and the pastor didn't know what to do.
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[2755] my sister - [mature content] she was 19 and in her first year old college and i was 14 and a freshman in high school.. when we were younger...she would sometimes come into...
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