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[2142] Fucking her boyfriend - [mature content] I am fucking my best friends boyfriend. This is not a one time deal, we do it at least 4 times a week and a couple of the times is when i drop him ...
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[2141] when the cats away... - [mature content] My confession: My wife was a day away,so I had a date with a woman I met at a adult chatbox. We made love for several hours and took pictures of ...
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[2140] he only pleasures himself - [mature content] I love my guy, but it always seems that during sex, he's seeking pleasure only for himself. Sometimes I get so bored because he does the same thing...
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[2139] feet rubbing - [mature content] I like it when guys rub my dick with their feet... if only I could explain that to my girlfriend
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[2137] my ass hurts now - [mature content] I was out last night drinking with a bunch of guys and I woke up this morning and my ass really hurts inside.
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[2136] He always wants to fuck my ass! - [mature content] My boyfriend only wants to fuck me in the ass??? what is wrong with him? I just don't want to have sex with him anymore.
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