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[831] masterbation - [mature content] I sit on my hand till it falls asleep, then masturbate with it. It feels like it's someone is jerking me off
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[829] saved myself - [mature content] i saved myself for marriage. and sex sucks.
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[825] My Sister, My Lover - [mature content] My sister and I were each others first sexual lovers, and we have yet to stop. We know that most would and do find it wrong, But we are to close a...
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[824] Sisterly lovers -  My sister and I have been lovers from pretty much most of your sexual lives, Well we know the scoial taboo of it all, but we really don't care, we...
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[816] my gf and my best friend -  we both fucked my gf this weekend in an empty house, there was a lot of drugs involved, and it was the second time we did it. It was so amazing we ...
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[813] gay sex with friend - [mature content] I had gay sex with my best friend while we were drunk, and it meant a lot to me but I don't know if he remembers it.
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