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[365] bi neighbour - [mature content] I'm a 28 year old straight guy, or at least I was untill last friday. A couple moved in next door about a month ago, he's been coming over ever few...
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[364] my dentist - [mature content] I want my dentist to turn me over his knee and spank me..hard.
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[362] masterbate every day - [mature content] i masturbate every day.. is that normal for a 18 year old girl?
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[361] need a sex buddy - [mature content] I am a 21 year old male, I have a girlfriend who is away in college and I love her very much but sometimes I just want to have a sex buddy that liv...
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[360] anal - [mature content]  I want to have sex with a girl who loves anal.
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[359] bigger chick -   I have a skinny girlfriend who I love very much but Ive been wanting to do dirty stuff with a bigger girl, not really fat just someone with alot t...
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