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[357] sister in law - [mature content] i want to have sex with my sister-in-law
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[355] spanking - [mature content] If all women were spanked regularily by a loving dominant husband there wouldnt be so much divorce.I bet divorce wouldnt exist at all. I'm a woman.
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[354] 2 guys - [mature content] i had sex with 2 guys this weekend.. no one knows..
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[345] uploaded her pics -  my friend took very explicit pictures of herself and sent them to me. She forbidden me to upload them on the internet. Being my dumb self i uploade...
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[344] best friends girlfriend -  I think I'm falling love with my best friend's girlfriend. I secretly hope she falls in love with me and dumps him later so we can be together. But...
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[341] weird - [mature content] I've been having sex with my b/f for 2 years, for the past couple of months he is been messing around with my ass, and after he is done he wants me...
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