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[272] blowjob - [mature content] I once gave my husbands best friend a blowjob. I did it because my husband passed out after drinking too much. I still think about it alot.
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[271] secret vids - [mature content] I took video of my sister in law undressing and showering in my bathroom with a hidden video camera.
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[270] Friends dad - [mature content] last weekend when i slept over my best friends house i hooked up with her dad. i was watching t.v. in the living room and he went to the kitchen fo...
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[269] Grown Up Sister - [mature content] While serving in the Army for a while I was stationed abroad for a while. When I returned home for a break my little sister looked like she'd all b...
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[268] Hidden Camera - [mature content] I have recently hid a spy cam in my girlfriend's parents house (bathroom) because I have a sick fantasy of seeing my gf's hot mom naked. Then once ...
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[267] sore foreskin - [mature content] This one time, I was giving a guy head and his foreskin got caught between my teeth. We had to rip it out. He stopped calling.
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