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[277] Same Sex experiences - [mature content] Over the past two years i really started to experiance with the same sex. I went all the way twice, and every other time it was pretty much everyth...
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[275] anonymous phone sex - [mature content] I once had phone sex with a total stranger. Then he wouldn't stop calling my house. I had the number changed before my husband could find out.
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[274] Pregnant Woman - [mature content] I am aroused by pregnant women.
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[272] blowjob - [mature content] I once gave my husbands best friend a blowjob. I did it because my husband passed out after drinking too much. I still think about it alot.
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[271] secret vids - [mature content] I took video of my sister in law undressing and showering in my bathroom with a hidden video camera.
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[270] Friends dad - [mature content] last weekend when i slept over my best friends house i hooked up with her dad. i was watching t.v. in the living room and he went to the kitchen fo...
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