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[1200] My dominican cousin

This is kinda of funny but true. When i was living in my parents apt when i was 19. We would have alot of family coming over from Dominican republic. One week my mother had my aunt come with my cousin i had never met. I had just broken up with my girlfriend about 2 months prior and still kinda realign with the whole sistuation ....needless to say i was extremely horny and at the same time little depressed. Now my cousin was older than me about 28 or 29 really couldn't remember. when i first met her i said hi and thought how sexy she was but didn't think anything else, i mean she's my cousin right? To describe her she about 5' 5" she had long dark hair that reached her back big brown eyes and beautiful lips a very pretty face she really didn't have to much breasts but that was ok because what turns me on the most on a women are her thighs and ass. And being Dominican she had the biggest sexiest thighs and ass i had ever seen at that time. Fucking perfect little waist. We really didn't talk as much but a the time she was in a popular girl merengue band that actually was well known here in the united states and D.R. within the dom community. Anywho my parents and aunt and cousin drive around the Bronx to look at an apt that which every year around Christmas had an amazing light display. As we were admiring the display i would from time to time lean my arm over the arm rest of my seat. Now my cousin was directly behind me with my aunt and me and my sister were sitting in the middle. on ocassion i would have my hand over the hand rest and have it almost touch the floor. after doing that the second time i noticed how she kinda of "kicked" my hand with her feet. At first i thought it was by accident and thought nothing of it. I just looked behind me and smiled. After leaving my hand there she again kicked my arm. Mind you i had hardly had spoken with her and it was like there 2 day staying with us. as time passed she started playing "footsies" with me and rubbing her feet gently as to not attract attention to everyone else in the car. Needless to say i started caressing her feet. After we arrived home that night we chatted a bit about other family members living in DR and such and it was time for bed. At that time i would stay up at all hours of the night watching t.v. My father had a habit of always sleeping on the couch in the living room outside of my room. My mother had setup up a bed to have my aunt and cousin sleep in my sister room. she had changed into a big shirt that she borrowed from my sister. And came back to say good night to me in my room. She saw that i was watching tv and asked if she could come in and hang out before she went to bed. Now mind you my father was watching t.v. We sat on my bed and started talking i can't remember exactly what we were saying but i saw how she would move closer as to "listen" to me. after bout 1/2 hour she started lifting her her shirt to expose those beautiful olive at this point my father had falling asleep and my mother was still kinda of awake. As i started looking and thinking bad thoughts of "how can i do this, its my fucking cousin man!!" but that went away as she open put her shirt above her waist and stood up to show me her thong and ass. As she sat down again she kissed me. Now i'm a little worried that my father would come into my room or mom would catch us doing this. But it was too late with a rock hard dick i started fingering her and she would moan and tell me how much she liked it in Spanish!!! Immediately she took my jeans off and started giving me a deep blowjob (FUCK BETTER THAN MY EX). I couldn't take it anymore and turned up my t.v. abit i could hear my father snoring in the living room. I had her standing at the side of my bed and had her bend over to reveal her ass and see how her wet shaved pussy tight little pussy!! as i started to take her from behind she started moaning and getting louder. At one point i had to stop because i had to get a pillow for her to scream in and she was using ever curse word in the Spanish dictionary! Which in turn made me fuck her harder. I suddenly heard my mother coming out of her room and started speaking with my father. Of course we stopped put on our clothes as quickly as possible and started watching t.v again. My mother had went back to her room and my father started watching t.v. again...i waited till he started snoring again and this time around i had her in the missionary position and fucking the shit! out of her. I told her to grab pillow and to keep it quiet. I fucked her the entire night she left my room close to 5am. By that time my father had gone to bed. Anyway the funny part of th e story was that my father went into my room the next morning and confessed that he heard her moaning very loudly so much so that he "faked" snoring in order to cover up her mother had heard something as well and went to check it out that night and (best bonding moment ever with my dad) he told my mom to go to bed that we were just "talking" and watching



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