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[1317] Saving The Marriage

two years ago me and my wife were at the brink of divorce. We had been separated for almost a month when she decided that we should try to work things out for the sake of our kids. I hadn't seen much action for that month so i was pretty darn horny. I told her that i didn't want to talk, but i was in need of a short vacation so if she wanted to talk she had to join me. We got in the car and drove for two hours and we finally found a hotel nestled on a quiet beach. I told her i was in need of a shag and she got upset since we hadn't spoken. I told her if she wanted conversation she had to put out, or get out and boy did she. We had sex 14 times over a 24 hour period. I was dry inside and out of juice. what a weekend, i love her to death, and what a make up that was.



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