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[15542] A mother's love...

Some say a mother's love is the strongest...well not for me. Not at all. I have a sweet, beautiful one year old daughter who was just taken from me by CPS because my boyfriend of 6 months who lives with me uses drugs in our house constantly. They told me if I kick him out now, I have a chance at getting my daughter back, but otherwise, she's gone for good. But who do I choose? This guy I met a few months ago who I'm supporting, along with his drug habit, or my precious baby daughter? The answer is, I have chosen to stay with my boyfriend and let my kid go into foster care. Who knows if she'll grow up safe and happy, and with loving caregivers...maybe she'll end up being horribly abused by these other people--I've heard plenty of stories about that. But that's not important to me. What is important to me is that I get to stay with my sexy drug-addict boyfriend and continue to be pleased by his amazing cock whenever he feels like giving it to me. Hehe. Honestly, it's a bit relieving that she's gone, cause my boyfriend was always getting pissed off by her. He called her a little "shit-kid" and a "brat" like 20 times a day. He obviously hated her. Now he doesn't have to be annoyed and stressed out all the time! I think that's great cause all I really care about is making him happy. It's sick but I can say without any guilt or uncertainty that I love my man more than my child. To tell you the truth, I love my man so incredibly much I'm not even really sure I have space for my daughter in my heart anymore. After meeting my bf my baby has become pretty much worthless to me. Like a useless piece of trash, which I am now just throwing away. And I really don't give a fuck, haha :) Fuck that little bitch! (wow it feels amazing to express my true feelings). Now I'm going to go suck my bf's cock to show him my appreciation for causing me to lose that little brat.



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