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[1753] fuckingmy aunt

last summer my aunt whom i had been fantasizing to fuck foir so long came to visit us from the phillippins and stayed in our house for a month then one weekend it's only me and her who was left for the long weekend. she already knew that i got the desire to fuck her and i had this strong feeling she wanted me to fuck her too. she is a widow so obviously she is hungry for a good fuck . when i woke up it was like 10:00 am and i heard someone in the shower .it was my aunt gely. she was calling my name and asking me for a towel and since i just woke up my cock was fucking hard as hell and just wanting a hot pussy to fuck the whole weekend. when i gave her the towel she completely opened the shower door and exposed her whole body and i was just wearing my jockeys but my cock was bulging obviously hard and she was staring at it and so was i staring ar her body and there was silence for awhile then she took my hands and ask me if i would love to take a shower with her since nobody was home and i just hop in the shower and i was like an animal sucked her nipples while my hands ent to her cunt fingerfucking her fast while she was busy holding my cock . in no time i was all naked and she was sucking my cock like crazy. then carried her in my room straight to my bed and totally all wet i licked her whole body from head to toe then licked and fingerfucking her while i eat her cunt biting her clit with my lips until she came in my mouth then fucked her so hasrd and deep making her scream begging me not to stop fucking her the whole weekend . i know its bad but hey i would love to fuck her again if the time comes



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