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[2707] An anal opening

We have been married for 20 years now and our kids are getting older and gone alot, so we started getting a little wilder in bed. One night my wife told me she was going to tie me up before we got really into anything. I was really turned on and into that but that didnt last long because just after she secured the knotts she reached under the bed and pulled out a 14 inch purple dildo and a can of crisco for lube. She raised my legs up and tied them to the headboard leaving me wide open for her easy access to my semi virgin ass! She lubed me a little and fingered me until i began to squirm like a slut and work my ass to get more in me then i felt the head of the purple monster as she rubbed it across my open and awaiting hole. I was scared to death it was so big and she told me this was for the times i would fuck her during the night in her ass and she rammed it in me i screamed like in a horror movie and tried to tighten my ass where it would stop her but i couldnt as she had stretched my enough to stay in my gaping hole!!! After about 5 mins i relaxed as she worked it in and out of my now wide open ass and begged her to take me harder and rougher so she did and as my ass was cumming and so was my cock i passed out from the pleasure/pain and when i came too she was sitting beside me with the monster in her hand and a rubber glove on the other hand and it was now in my ass past her wrist and i had clampede down on it and she wa hung in my ass but when i came to she started spanking my ass and then jerked her closed fist out of my ass making me cum again it was so kinky and ever since then i have been a wild and kin ky bi anal freak!!!!



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