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[271300] I love to see my wife get fat and saggy

My wife’s body has changed a good deal during our marriage. She used to be quite firm and slim but over the years she has put on some weight and her figure has changed. She's become much more soft and saggy. Her breasts have become bigger and very floppy and loose. Her waist has thickened and she has a nice soft potbelly. Thighs and ass are much softer and full of cellulite. I find it very sexy and arousing and I hope the process will continue.

She has become looser and looser over the many years of our marriage. It just happened without having it stretched and i love it this way. When i met her she was quite thight but now she can be entered without any foreplay and is a delight for me to fuck. When younger she could orgasm just by fucking without any special clit stimulation, but some years back it became more and more difficult because of her loosening pussy. I find it exstreemely sexy that she now has to stimulate herself while fucking (and she does) knowing that this is because she is som much looser now.

I reallly enjoy seeing and fucking her this way but she thinks shes less sexy than before and can't really belive I love this.



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Does other men think these kind of changes are hot to?