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[3008] Interracial Help

I'm a 17 year old female.I'm very sexually active.but it hasnt been with a lot of different guys.ive been messing around with the same boy for about a year, but we called it quits like two months ago.we could never date because of the fact that I'm white he's black and my parents are completely against that.ive dated white guys,but for some reason a just can't stick with it.I love black men.but I dont know what to do.I'm starting to talk to another guy.of course he's black :) he knows the way my parents are,but I still dont want that to stop me from seeing him.I have a year left of high school,and I dont want to wait til I'm out of my parents house to date him.does anyone know how I can make this work without being forbidden to see him?



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