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I feel so guilty. I keep letting random strangers use me for sex. I get on the train late at night and try to find a group of guys I can flirt with, it's better if they're drunk so they become bold and risk feeling me up. I let 2 guys finger me at the same time on the train....I loved feeling so filthy, they're hands and lips where everywhere, I let them cum all over my panties. I go out walking my dog and end up in the bushes with a random guy! I don't ask their names I just let them fuck me or finger me or lick me - it's the only thing that makes me cum. The danger, risk and excitement. I'm about to go out to the pub by myself and see if I can find some guys....I know I'll feel bad about this tomor but right now my pussy is soaked - I'm so turned on thinking of what might happen tonight.



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