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[383138] lusting for mom

It all started when I was worked long hours and was almost never always slept in a skimpy mighty and no day when I was about 8 I woke up to go to the bathroom.i had to walk past my moms room to get to the bathroom.she always kept her door open I walked by I looked in and saw my mom sleeping and the covers were pulled up and her legs were wide open and I saw her bare pussy.i crept in for a closer look.i stared at it for abit then walked out.i kinda wanted to touch it since I never seen a pussy b4.that was the first time.for the next few years I would randomly walk in when she was sleeping to catch a glimpse of her tits or pussy or both if I was lucky day I decided to give her tits a feel.i lightly brushed her nipple and she jerked so I left.this happened quite frequently for a bit but she always jerked and I got scared and left her day I tried it again and she didn't move so I licked her nipple and loved it.this again happened every time I got the chance.i started to get more bold and wanted to touch her as soon as I got the opportunity I took it!laying there legs wide open and pussy exposed I snuck in,an touched her pussy softly for maybe a minute b4 she twitched.then one day I was maybe 11.i walked in and legs open and pussy open too I slowly put my head between her legs for a taste.i was in heaven.



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