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[3862] Sloppy Pussy, Saggy Tits

My wife has a sloppy, loose, hairy pussy and saggy tits with huge nipples.

When I met her, she was pretty loose literally and figuratively. She was pretty slutty and fucked a lot of guys before I met her, and her pussy was pretty loose (don't know if there's a cause & effect there). Any way, after having a 9.5 lbs. baby, her cunt is much looser than before and gets super wet, a lot wetter than it used to. And she refuses to shave it. She's pretty hairy, with a big thick bush and a hairy asshole. When her pussy juice flows, she gets a mat of soaked hair down there. She doesn't seem to realize that her pussy is so sloppy. When we fuck, she tries to squeeze her vaginal muscles on my cock and she asks how it feels. I tell her it's nice, but I actually just don't have the heart to tell her that her cunt is so loose I can't feel anything when she does that.

Her tits are small/average 34B and were always a little saggy. Since pregnancy and breast feeding, they hang almost to her waist, with the nipples pointing down. You've heard the term "pepperoni nipples," well hers are more like salami nipples. The areolas are huge.

It gets me really turned on that my wife's pussy is all stratched out and sloppy, and super hairy. When I fuck her, I like to think about how sloppy her pussy is and fantasize that her loose hole got that way from fucking all those guys before she met me. And I love her saggy tits and giant nipples, especially when her tits hang down and swing when she moves.

She thinks her body is disgusting, and I can't convince her I think it's hot. I can't bring myself to tell her that her stretched out pussy is a turn on and that I love her saggy, gravity-stricken tits just the way they are.

Am I weird, or do other guys think this is hot too?



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