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[391610] Mom and I Dressing room

I'm 23 and my Mom is 47. We were at a department store trying on bathing suits and there was only one dressing room available.I was going to wait but he said to come in and we can both change.

I took off my shorts and then my panties. Mom looked right at my pussy and kept staring. I didn't cover up and took my time trying on the bathing suit bottom.

She then took off her panties and I was shocked. Her pussy was so hairy! I never saw that before. I even said, "Mom, you have so much hair." She said, "yea, do you like it?" I said, "oh yea."

She laughed and said, "if you're good, I'll let you touch it." Right then, I really wanted to and I said, "can I?" She said, "are you serious?" I said, "yes, I really want to."

She looked at me and said, "Ann, I was only kidding. I'm your mother. That would be wrong for you to do that." I then said, "well, some would say it's wrong for me to stare at it but I am now. Does it bother you?" She said, "no, not at all."

I then said, "Mom, why are you not turning around or putting on the bathing suit bottom? Do you like me looking at you?" She said, "well, as I said, I don't mind."

I then said, "Mom, would sit down and let me look?" She said, "what do you mean?" I answered, "let me see all of it." She then said, "you mean open my legs for you?" I said, " yes." She said, "Ann, I'm your mother, I couldn't do that." I said, why, no one would ever know."

Mom then said, "yea, I know, but it still isn't an ordinary thing to do." I came back with, "you don't mind me looking at you now and, I think you might sort of like it." Her Mom response was, "well, yes, I don't mind and I like that you like looking at me, "

I said, " be honest Mom, this is just a little bit exciting, isn't it? " She said, Ann, I absolutely shouldn't say this, but yes, it is." With that, I pulled down the bathing suit bottom and took it off. I sat down on the bench and spread my legs. Mom said, "oh my gosh Ann, O.K., O.K., but lets not do it here. Get dressed and we'll go home. "

We left the store and on the drive home, I started talking to her about it. I said, "Mom, your hair is such a turn on, I've never seen that much before." She then said, "and I've never seen anyone shaved."

I then said, Mom, this is so nice and feels good. I'm not nervous at all." She said, "you're not nervous about what?" I said, "us showing each other when we get home. I mean, didn't you like looking at my pussy?"

She said, "Ann, I've never heard you say that before." I answered by saying, "what if I said my mothers pussy?" She said., "tell me." I didn't know what to say. Did she mean to say it again? I said,"Mom, I want you to show me your hairy pussy."

She responded and said, "oh my God Ann." Then, there was silence. Mom was just staring at the road. Five minutes later, we were home. We went into the house and Mom went straight to her room. A minute later, she yelled, "Ann." I went to her room and she was in her robe. I sat on the end of the bed.

Mom pulled up the chair from her make up table and placed it front of me. She opened her robe, sat down and spread her legs. I took off my shorts and panties and spread my legs for her.

I started touching myself and then Mom did too. Mom started fingering her elf with two fingers as she stared at my pussy. We both masturbated and Mom even leaked on her chair. She was so wet.

We didn't say anything about it. We masturbate every week to each other.



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