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[402076] i abuse myself

last weekend my girlfriend went away with work. I set up the spare room with mirrors in every corner as i am narcisistic and love to watch myself. I set up the laptop to video myself, set some hard fast music on load and dressed as a sexy school girl british style. long black hair white shirt school tie, black pleated mini skirt, black knee high socks and 7 inch high black pumps i looked amazing i danced and moved around sexy i poured a lot of drinks sniffed a lot of poppers drank a ot more smoke a lot of weed i filled a large coke bottle with hot water so hot it almost burnt my skin i then placed the bottle so it was traped between the bed and the mattress and proceeded to doggy fuck the bottle it was huge and hot and riped my ass making me bleed and burning me i did this hard so hard my knees bruised from the rocking and i beat myself whipped myself with a stooded belt so hard that it formed welts and in places ripped and bled the skin i did this until i cum then i ate the cum and sucked the bottle clean. i loved it and will be doing it again soon x



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