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[4363] Love Spankings

I think there is something wrong with me. I'm an otherwise normal adult female but every so often I have this intense craving to be spanked. I have no idea why.

It used to get to the point where it would drive me crazy. I couldn't think about anything else and it just dominated all of my thoughts until it was distracting. I met someone online who is able to satisfy this need for me when it arises and that helps immensely.

About once a month or so, whenever the craving starts, I go over to his place and he spanks me. It's not pretend either. It's the real thing. Usually he does it with a belt because for some reason that's what I prefer. He has me pull down my pants, bend over the back of the couch, and then he spanks me. He's not gentle. The spanking is always real. He spanks me to tears and then keeps going because he knows that that's what I need. It hurts, and it isn't pleasant while it's happening, but it just satisfies something inside me.

The payment for his "service" is sex. After he's given me the spanking that I need, I let him fuck me. What bothers me is that I know I'm acting like a kinky slut but I completely enjoy it. Sometimes I get wet during the spanking because I know what's coming after. He's never gentle with that either. Usually he just rams himself into me from behind and pulls on my hair while he fucks me. I must be out of my mind for liking it so much.



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