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[448434] I made my mom eat my sperm

This morning when I went to breakfast my mom was wearing only her nightgown. When I saw her I had to turn around and go back to the living room and rub myself up hard. When that was done I left my erection sticking out the front of my pajamas and walked back into the kitchen. By the time I reached mom I was already spilling my sperm. It got all over the table in front of her. I cleaned my self off with a handfull of her hair, told her thanks Mommy and walked away. I was shaking real bad I was so excited. The next thing I knew she was right behind me, asking what I thought I was doing. I took her hand then and put it around my erection and told her to do me. To my surprise she did it. Before I new it I was spilling myself all over the front of her. When I looked down at her she had tears in her eyes. I couldn't help myself, I told her to lick it clean and she did.



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