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[4657] Me and my cousin....

Lately when my hubby and I smoke I begin to remember things from long ago. About 3months ago I remember how me and my cousin use to play mommas and daddy together when we were kids (less than 12). I was always the guy but I remember liking to kiss her. She was a good kisser. We would kiss so much that we would hide in the closet or under a blanket and kiss until we would get hot. Then we would finger each other and that would lead to grinding on each other. I remember even a few times licking her pussy. I told my hubby about it and I get so turned on. I want to know if she remembers too. I remember too that back then I had orgasms....ummmmmI love pussy but I can't express myself like that. I am married with kids.....but I want so bad to go somewhere and meet a lady and eat her like I use to eat my cousin while my hubby and others watch.



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