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[500062] Got cheated by a beautiful Tranny

I once wanted to fuck a girl for money, so I went through the right streets looking for some chicks. I saw one chick standing in a small pathway. I stopped and went to her and asked if she was interested. She said "XXX" money for the job. I said Okay and we went. She was of meduim height, beautiful body, fair complexion and a tight ass. We went to an abandoned house behind a bushy field where there was no one. She immediately asked me to lie on my back and pulled out my cock and started sucking it.

I was moaning as she was sucking it and started pressing her tight boobs. I slowly felt that the boobs did not look original. She was wearing a T-shirt and a short skirt. She put her skirt on top of my face and continued sucking my cock. This gave me a signal that she wanted me to lick her pussy. I immediately lifted her skirt and pushed her panties aside. I got the shock of my life to see a fully grown 8 inch cock and 2 hanging balls about 2 inches above my face. I realized where I was and was a little hesitant to continue. The ladyboy kept sucking my thick cock and slowly started brushing her balls on my face.

For some reason i was fully turned on and caught her cock by my hands and started stroking it. She moaned and asked" Have you sucked a cock before honey?". I said "No, I have not".. She said" So, my cock is the first lucky one to fuck your mouth, is it?". I was a little shy and said " Yes". She immediately lowered her 8 inch thick cock into my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I could not move and was very busy getting mouth fucked by a tranny.

I was also starting to fuck her mouth at the same time and in a few minutes we both came in each other's mouths. I could not believe that I had sucked a cock and swallowed someone's cum.



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