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[5119] watching my son

I'm a 47 year old mother of a 24 year old son. About a month or so ago, he came to visit for three days. His room is separated from my room by a bath. Each of our rooms has an entrance to the bath.

The second night he was here, I was dropping spme tpwels off in the bathroom and walked in and dropped them on the counter. I didn't turn thwe light on and was going to walk out when I noticed his bedroom light was on and his door was opend a few inches. I didn't know if he was in there or downstairs watching TV, so I peeked throught the door.

What I saw changed me forever I think. My son was standing in his room in a towel and was leaning over his lap top. He started playing a video. He was only five feet behind the door and I could tell it was a woman masturbating. Just then, he dropped his towel. His cock was half hard and was eight incjhes in length. He began to jerk himself and that's when I knew I better turn around and leave the bath.

I was going to leave him to his private act, but I couldn't. His cock grew hard and I bet teo more inches.My sons cock was simply huge. He continued to jerk himself faster and began bucking his hips as watched the video. I found myself getting flushed and turned on. I was watching my son jerk off.

This lasted almost five minutes and I found myself shaking. He bucked his hips more and maturbated faster and faster until all of a sudden, he spurted cum. Not onece or twice, buthis cum kept spurting put at least six times. I could actually see the cum flying onto the towel. He stopped the video and walked over to his dresser. As he moved, his cock swung back and forth and the cum dripped out.

I left the bath and went and sat on my bed. I was nearly breathless. Al I could picture was his very large cock with his cum shooting out. I got ready for bed and as I layed there I was haunted by what I had watched. I found myself with hands on my pussy and I began to masturbate. After a few minutes of fingering myself. I reached over into the night stand took out my rubber dildo.I masturbated furiously while I pictured my son jerking off. I had a tremendous orgasm.

I have masturbated about this many times since and have thoughts of this happening again the next time he visits. Sounds wrong, but no one knows and I secretly foundthe tabooness a turn on much to my surprise. I needed to tell someone about this.



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