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My son is 24. Two months ago he called me and said that he had gotton hurt playing flag football. He said that he tore his groin and that he was on crutches and needed bed rest for a few days. He asked if he could come to my house to recover and so I could help him with any of his needs. I told him that was fine.

A few hours later, his friend dropped him off and helped him into my house. He brought along a gel pac that you put in the freezer for an hour or so until it hardens. Three times a day he needed to ice his groin area. He asked me to wrap the ice pac around a bowl so that when it hardens, it is rounded to fit on his thigh.

While we were wating for the ice pac, we sat and chatted and got up. I only see him every few months. After a half hour or so he said he wanted to go to his room and lay down and asked if I would bring in the ica pak when it hardened. He was on pain meds and I could tell he was a little high, so it made sense he wanted to lay down.

An hour later I checked it and it was very firm and had taken a good round shape. I took it from the freezer and went to his room. This is where things changed forever for me.

When I walked into his room, Eric was laying on the bed with the bedspread pulled over him and there was this big rise in the spread right in his crotch area. I sat on the edge of the bed and handed him the ice pak. He asked me if I could put it on for him. I was a little hesitant as it needed to go to the top of his groin, but I said sure.

Eric pulled the bed spread off of his leg to reveal the top of his thigh and that's when I knew that the rie in the bed spread was his hard on! I said to myself that there is no way his cock could be that big and I couldn't help but stare as I attempted to wrap the ice pak around his thigh.

Right then, Eric said, "Mom this medicine makes me a bit horny and I get hard." I said, "I guess you do." He was feeling no pain and was a bit more open then usual and his next comment sent a warm feeling througout me. Eric said, "Mom, was Dad big?" I then said, "you mean his penis?" My son answered, "yea Mom, does he have a big cock like mine?"

I didn't know what to say, I was stunned. I told him that his father was pretty good size. Right then, Eric pulled back the spread and uncovered himself and said, "big like this Mom, I'm 11"?" I couldn't believe my eyes. His cock was so huge. It was by far the biggest one I had ever seen. I felt this warmth come across me. I was scared, turned on, hesitant and a bunch of emotions.

I said, "well he is big Eric, but not that big." I was hoping it would end there and I could just leave and pretend it never happened. In order for me to put the ice pak on properly, he had to spread his legs to give me room to attach it. He opened his legs and his cock stood there more enormous than I could have even pictured.

I knew he was high from the meds and I also knew he wanted me to do something. The tabooness of it was almost overwhelming. I was his mother and this just wasn't the thing to get invloved in, but I found myself euphoric with the thought of touching it. Just when I thought things had settled down and I had finished putting on the pak, Eric says, "Mom I cum so much when I have an orgasm."

Oh my God, that was it. The thought of seeing cum spurting out of his huge cock was more then I could handle. I had no idea how to respond to that. I said, "oh really, how much do you cum?" He said, "Mom, I squirt like 6 or 8 shots." I'm now pretending to just hold a conversation with him without letting on that I was hot over this. Again, I didn't know what to say, so I just said, "Oh, that sounds like a lot I guess."

Eric then says, "Mom would it be really wierd if came right now?" I said, "Eric that just wouldn't be right. I'm your mother and things like that are done in private. Besides, that's incest." He said, "oh, I didn't think if I jerked myself like this that it would be incest." As he is saying this, he is jerking his huge cock right in front of me. He was taking long strokes up and down his shaft.

As he is jerking off, I'm foolishly saying, " Well, I don't know if it's incest, but you shouldn't be masturbating in front of your mother." All the time I'm saying this, my eyes are glued to his cock. He then says, Mom when I do this, it takes my mind off of my groin and the pain. Right then out of the blue, I reached over and grabbed his cock. He took his hand away and I started jerking him off. His cock was so warm and hard and it was really massive as I my hand went up and down on it.

Eric layed his back and moaned as I masturbated him. I was so hot. This was so taboo and the more I thought about the tabooness, the hotter I got. Even more when he said, "Mom make me cum."

Never in a million years did I ever think this would happen. There was no turning back now, I was actually jerking off my son and getting hot doing it. I could feel myself getting wet. Just then, Eric said, "Mom suck me please, please suck my cock." I leaned towards him, opened my mouth wide and put his cock in. I will never foget the feeling of his huge dick in my mouth. I sucked him hard and put it in my mouth as deep as I could. I was on fire. I got about half of it in and then I relaxed my throat and went down further until I had actually swallowed all but a few inches.

All I could think about was how much cum he said he had and should I take it down my throat. That would be the ultimate taboo if I drank my sons cum. I was hesitant but so very hot. I had flashes of him fucking me. I knew I could never go that far. Sucking him was one thing, but actually fucking him was entirely another. I knew he could anyway because of his injury so I felt safe I wouldn't take it that far.

With one hand and my mouth on his cock, I took my other hand and put it down my shorts and into my panties. I was soaking wet. My hairy cunt was dripping and I slide in two fingers as I continued to suck him deep. I was finger fucking myself while I sucked my son. I was in disbelief. Just as that thought entered my mind, Eric said, "Mom take off your shorts." With my free hand, I pulled them off with my panites without giving it a thought.

What did he have in mind? Why did he say to take them off? All of these thoughts are racing around in my mind. I could hear Eric saying, "God Mom, you have so much hair, that's so hot." I stopped sucking him. Eric got up off the bed, took me by my shoulders and layed me on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed. He pushed my legs back with my knees to my chest. I was in a daze, my cunt was open in front of my own son.

I looked down and Erics cock was near my cunt. He looked at me said, "If you want it Mom, take it and put it in." I reach for his huge cock and guided it to my cunt. I pushed the head in and said, "fuck me."
Eric pushed in his cock sbout six inches. I said, "give it all to me Eric, give Mom your big cock." I couldn't believe what I was saying. Eric began fucking me and pushed his cock in until his balls slapped my ass. I was taking all of his 11" and it was so good.

He kept fucking me harder and faster, I knew I was going to cum. It was so euphoric and taboo. I was going to squirt. I felt it building and said, "Im gonna cum, I'm cumming." My liquid pushed out passed his cock. It went all over my thighs. He was still pumping me until he said, "Mom, I'm gonna cum. I said, "pull it out Eric, I want it."

Eric pulled his cock out and climbed up on my chest. He started jerking off right there at my face. He started to moan and I knew he was going to cum. I grabbed hold his cock with both hands, put it in my mouth and started drinking his cum that kept spurting and spurting. There was too much to swallow and it came out of my mouth and down my cheeks. It was really amazing how much he cums.

We stopped, got our breath and just layed there wothout saying a word. I was shaking. It was the first time I had ever squirted without masturbating.

Eric comes to my house about once a month now to vist. I know it's wrong, but I have never been so sexually satisfied and I just can't get enough of his large cock. We don't seem to feel wierd about it. Obviously no one knows. We both really get into it and get very turned on. The next time we meet up, I have thoughts of him fucking my ass. Sounds terrible for a mother to say that, but this whole thing has opened up a new sexual appetite for me.

This is very true and has been going on for about 8 months now.



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