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[561236] sex with friends daughter

This story is about s girl who stole my heart, this wasn't supposed to happen but somehow it just did. For the record I you need to know that I did not have an agenda I didn't target this wonderful woman, I respected her and I still do.
I will give you the back story, I met this young woman when a friend invited me over for dinner at to meet her family.Her, her husband and her two daughters. Her youngest daughter and I clicked right away. she was a lead with your heart kind of woman, sweet, intelligent, beautiful soulful eyes. We quickly became friends she fifteen and I 42 but the years meant nothing as she was most likely more grown up then I was. There was not any sexual aspect to our relationship despite the fact she was an extremely attractive young woman, we were good friends. Her family seemed extra tough on her and for the life of me I could not understand why, in my eyes she was a young passionate lady who always had hug for you when she saw you and another if you were leaving or she was going to bed. As she was getting closer to 16 I sensed a change, she wasn't going to put up with being treated differently or like a child. I started to feel like she had a crush on me and that's when my feelings for her started to grow, I started to fall for her while maintaining the boundaries of friendship.
I would never have thought. I would cross that line, I love and respect her a great deal . We were sitting on the love seat cuddled up and I realized that my feet were against her bum and that physical contact made me feel like I wasn't lonely for the first time In two years, I had met many women over those two years but the relationships were based on sex and even though they were very nice people there was nothing more to the relationships. As we sat there I was over whelmed with the need to be closer to her , touch her skin, to hold her. When she put her hand on my penis I almost passed out, the way she felt it and rubbed her fingers over the tip gently squeezing the shaft took all my concentration to not cum. Later in the night I went into her room, she took her top off her breasts so beautiful and perfect nipples. I had to hold them squeeze them pinch her nipples her response was so passionate. When she leaned over and placed her lips over my penis slowly sliding all the way down to the base was amazing. I can honestly say I have never had a blow job that. Amazing ever, I actually thought I might pass out. At that point I was so nervous I had to go back to the couch.
I sat on the love seat out of breath, then I see her she's coming into the living room, got on the love seat, lit up a cigarette and just calmly smoked it passing it for a drag, once the smoke was done the way she looked at me almost made me cum. I started to caress her breasts paying plenty of attention to squeezing and twisting quite hard, it seemed to me I couldn't squeeze hard enough, the way she looked..... she was enjoying the pure raw sexual pleasure. I pulled down her tights and took off my pants, we faced each other our backs at each end of the love seat. I leaned forward and put my hand between her legs and slide it onto her pubic bone, it felt incredible 2 or 3 days stubble. As I felt her lips and clitoris I knew she had a beautiful pussy, we straddled our legs and slid our butts closer until my cock touched touched her. I rubbed the head of my intensely erect penis, she reached and grabbed my cock and started slowly working it into her ridiculously tight vagina. My dick was so sensitive, I throbbed after every stroke. Then she would stop with me deep inside her and squeeze my cock with her pussy. It feels so incredible like you could cum any second but you just won't because it feels so good. We both want to go harder, faster but every time we increase the intensity we start to make too much noise in the quite house. I can't take it, I want to fill her vagina with my cum, but I can't because I just want penetrate her hard and fast, and she wants it just as bad. I had to stop. I hoped the furnace would kick on and we could finally fuck each other the way we needed.
We never did get another chance to have the sex with both wanted.



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