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[5785] Girlfriend Fisting Me!

I recently came out to my partner than I like anal play, I'm not gay and not attracts to guys at all, but I love to play with my ***!
In the past I have fisted myself and stretched my *** to big insertions of 8-9" circumference. It was quite an Awkard thing to say and talk about with my girlfriend, she was unsure at 1st but after a couple times she enjoys it.
We recently bought a thick 8" ***** and a ace of spades circumference of 10" we had used these and only managed to get one in atm.
We have been talking about anal play and she is just soo excited for me to come home as I work away so she can sink her fist deep in my ***! She wants to fist me she loves gaping my bum she wants to try and double fist me aswell!!! She wants to stretch my slutty *** so she can ram the big butt plug far up my *** that's her words!
She wants to make me moan and breath deeply by ramming the ***** balls deep aswell as ******* me hard and deep when I'm bent over infront of her cos it makes her soo wet.

I just can't understand and see how she can love stretching and (censored) her boyfriends *** even tho she tells me she can't wait to fist me when I'm home!
Don't get me wrong I'm grateful she understood and didnt freak out about it and we love eachother sooo much !!

Just asking on here to see if there anyone who loves *******, gaping and stretching thier partners *** and what about it makes it such a turn on and so enjoyable so I can understand how my girlfriend feels when doing it to me.

Any replies much appreciate thanks.



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