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[589154] Babied

I guess I can call Clare my girlfriend even though she is also a neighbor in my apartment building. She is also 26 years older than me and insists on treatring me like a kid knowing I am 22. I lost my right leg in an accident when I was 9 years old but am well ajusted to it and don't really consider it a handicap anymore. Clare does and for a long time now not only cooks and cleans for me but helps me shower even before we started having sex. The first time was April 2014 when she came to my apartment to watch a movie on tv with me. I told her I wanted to take a shower first and thats when she offered to help me. I was in my bathrobe and hadn't taken my leg off yet and she at first was curious to see how it attached to my thigh. I took off my leg and she insisted on helping me into the shower. I suppose I was a little embarrassed at first but I let her take off my bathrobe and underware. She adjusted the shower for me an without asking began washing me as I stood there holding on the the railing I had intstalled. Since I was a little kid I never had anyone bathe me especially a woman. I have one of those hand held shower attachments and she first soaked down my body then began washing me with the soap and wash cloth. We talked the whole time and as soon as she began washing my genitals I got an erection and all she said is that she is glad that works. Then she just asked me bluntly if I masturbated often and I truthfully told her I did. That was the first time a girl ever masturbated me and thankfully that was only the beginning. Before meeting Clare I had only had sex with a girl 3 times and now I have sex with Clare at least 3 times a week. Aside from that we shower together often and she washes me and masturbates me everytime we do. She is the only girl who ever gave me oral sex and last summer she started shaving my pubic hair. Her lease is up next month so I am trying to get her to move in with me and hope she does.



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