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[592186] sex with aunt

My name nick and this is my fantasy that became reality with my aunt andrea. I was 28 years old when it finally happened but since i can remember ive always had dirty thoughts of my aunt but never acted on it .my aunt had moved to greece and would always visit us during christmas holidays ,i was lucky enough that she would stay with us,and stay in my room as i slept in the living room which i didnt mind at all ...when me and my aunt were alone she would always tease me and talk dirty to me but i didnt think anything of it cause thats how she always one morning i had to get something from my room where my aunt was sleeping ,as i opened the door my aunt was laying in bed still sleeping just wearing her pantyhose from the night before no bra no panties her legs were slightly spread open and i could see her beautiful natural hairy pussy ,my cock started to throb as i looked at my aunt,i knew it was wrong but lust had consumed my thoughts ,i stayed as long as i could in the room as i was leaving my aunt opened her eyes and just smiled at me...that night my aunt went out with family i went into my room went through her suitcase grabbed one of her sexy lace panties and started to jerk off with them,wishing it was my aunt jerking my cock off.the next morning as i finished taking a shower,i had to go back to My room to get underwear,as i came in just wearing a towel my aunt was half asleep again just wearing pantyhose nothing else, as she opened her eyes ,she looked at me didnt try to cover up and asked me if my mother was home i told her no,so she asked me to get a glass of water n asprin,so i did,as i came back to the room she still didnt cover up and asked me to close the bedroom door which i i sat on the bed i asked her if she was ok she told me was just hungover and asked me to rub her feet to help her i started to rub her feet my cock was throbbing i spread her legs open and rested one of her feet on my stomach as massaged her leg i couldnt take me eyes off her hairy pussy as her pantyhose pressed against her ..i could notice her pantyhose getting wet by her pussy as i worked my way higher up her leg,as i was massaging her leg ,her other leg slipped off my stomach and rested right on my throbbing cock my aunt just looked at me and started to rub my cock with her foot,i couldnt believe it,she slowly started to moan as she rubbed her pussy,her pantyhose were soaking wet by now,i finally made my move and started to lick her hairy pussy through her pantyhose, she then ripped her pantyhose by her crotch and started to grind her pussy on my face, i then laid on the bed took my towel off pulled her on top of me and started to 69 her licking her beautiful pussy as she sucked my cock she started to softly spit on my cock as grinded her hips on my face ,i started to tease her ass with my tongue n finger as her moans grew louder,she finally got on top of me ,and i slowly started to fuck her...



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