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[593670] Mom Shows Daughter

I'm 22 a girl and live with my mom who is 50. Two of my friends were talking about seeing their moms naked and how amazing their pussy hairy was. None of us have ever seen like a mature woman naked and we've never seen anyone who is hairy.

I told my mom about it and she asked why my friends were seeing their moms naked. I was just honest and told her that we have never seen anyone with hair and they wanted to and when they did, they like got excited about it and they told me and said that I should try and see her.

She asked me what friends and I told her Ashley and Kim. She said she knew Kim's mom and asked me if I was sure she let Kim see her naked. I told her absolutely yes. She just said that was interesting.

She then asked me how they got to see their moms and I told her that the first time, Ashley was in her moms room and she came out of the shower and took off her towel in front of her and let her look and that Kim just asked her mom and she let her.

So, I told her that it was pretty common for a daughter to see her mom naked. I kept bugging her and one day last weekend, she let me. She was in her room on her bed and took off her panties and said, "O.K., now you can tell your friends you've seen me.

When she took them off, I couldn't believe it! Oh my God. I just like thought of the word cunt. I never thought a mature woman's pussy would like that, especially my own mother. I just stood there staring and then she opened her legs and I saw her lips!. She asked me if my friends had seen between their moms legs and I told her I didn't think so.

She let me look at her for like ten minutes. I was shaking. It seemed weird, but that night I masturbated about her. She has let me see her more times since then. I know she likes it now or she wouldn't do it. I still masturbate each time. One day I'm going to ask her if she would masturbate for me.



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