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[597764] the Carer and Me

I have know Barb’s now for 2-3 years during which time we have met up occasionally – usually for her to give me a wonderful blow job in public – something which she excels in!!
I’m a 54 year old married male and Barb’s is in her 60’s and single. She is a dirty girl and we have many naughty fantasies to fulfil!
Barb is a live in Carer. She spends usually a couple of weeks in her patients houses, living with them whilst she looks after them.
One of her fantasies was to be fucked in one of her client’s houses whilst her client slept. She has one client in particular who lives in a massive mansion, very rich etc and always gives her a hard time.
So the meet was arranged for when my wife was working late and Barb’s had the mansion house to herself – apart from her client who would – hopefully – sleep through the whole thing.
I turned up at the gated mansion about 9pm and was buzzed through into the grounds. I drove up to the main house where Barb’s was waiting for me at the “staff” entrance – yep its that big a place!
Having checked the lady of the house was asleep I stripped Barb’s down to just a pair of tights – stolen from the client herself ( I have a nylon fetish). I then paraded her round the house stopping in all the rooms she normally worked, and fondled and molested her in every room. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter through her tights as she was walked round the house in a near naked state.
We ended up in the family lounge – just opposite the room where the old lady was asleep. I stripped off myself and pushed my rock hard cock into her greedy mouth. She loves sucking my cock but I knew what her real fantasy in this situation was so I ripped open her tights and put her on all fours and fucked her hard.
I dressed myself but made her stay in her semi naked state as she bid me farewell from the staff entrance, my cum still dripping down her torn nyloned legs.
And the best bit………….she wants me to do it to her again x



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