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[609922] My Cum Bucket

When I was 27, and living oit of state my step-father was diagnosed with stage 5 melenoma cancer. During this time my mother and I became very close, and we spoke on the phone frequently.
During the course of a year as we spoke over the phone, my mother confided in me about her fears of being alone, and how she missed having a active sex life. Needless to say, some sexual tension built between us, and I found myself fantasizing about my mother.
When I came home to visit for Thanksgiving for the first time in years, there was something notably different between my mother and I, and how we acted around each other.
My first evening at home my mother casually exposed herself to me, and naturally I got excited by this. When I left to go to bed she felt my excitement when she hugged me good night. Nothing happened but she did have a peculiar look in her eyes, and there was an awkward moment between us.
Later that night, my mother had a break down and showed up at my bedside in tears explaining to me how she desperately needed some intimacy, and she eventually asked me to have sex with her.
My mother and I ended up making love that night, and she had me empty myself inside her completely. It was the most passion filled night I had ever shared with a woman, and my mother and I ended up having sex often for the duration of my visit.
When it was time for me to go home, during our last night together, my mother admitted to me she would always love me as a son, but she was in love with the man I had become.
I ended up moving home a week later, and we lived on and off together in a monogamous relationship for the next five years before my youngest sister became suspicious about the nature of our relationship.
We saw other people, and we both married but our affair continued through both our marriages.
We both ended up divorcing our spouses, and now we are together again, except this time we don't plan on being with anyone else. We know now we will never be happy with anyone else.



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