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MY oldest sister has been divorced for about six years and she and her daughter live together. My niece is 19 and a bit on the hefty side and her mother ( my sister is 39 and I am 31. My niece has never been married or have I ever seen her with a boy friend. I too am not married. One day I\'m at their house doing some odd jobs for them. I as putting up curtain rods and my niece was helping me. My sister was out doing errands and not expected back anytime soon. Never before had I thought about sex with my niece ,but this day was different. We were fooling around while working and I began to get aroused. I noticed my niece looking at the bulge that was beginning to show in my shorts. I took an opportunity to brush it up against her hand, and she readily felt of it. I took her hand and held it against my cock. OH! My! she said I asked her if she had ever held one before And she said no, but had seen her dads when she was younger. I asked, Do you want to hold mine and she said sure. I pushed down my shorts and underwear as my cock sprang out straight. As she began to fondle me, I lifted her dress and reached up under to her panties. I found her pussy already wet and quite hot. We kissed and I kissed her again as I fingered her slot, only with much more passion then the first time. I sort of whispered in her ear and said I want to get in you? I took her into her bedroom and layed her on the bed. My niece had never been had before and she was saying at first it hurts so I took it real slow and easy. I felt resistance and then pulled back and with a quick push I broke through and took her cherry. My niece yelled it hurts ,but I just let it rest there then slowly began to pump in and out. My niece was beginning to meet my every lunge as I fucked her faster and harder. We were so involved that I never heard my sister come home. My niece was breathing heavier and I knew she was getting ready to climax as I too were. I said Oh! gosh I\'m cumming and she moaned as I spent my sperm in her. We finished and got dressed and went back to the living room, where now my sister was. I told her I would be back tomorrow to up. My niece said, Mom will have to help because I have to go over to my girlfriends. The next afternoon I was back at my sisters doing some other work and from out of the blue my sister said, Well how was it?? I said , How was what? I didn\'t know I had been caught fucking her daughter. She said you know what you two were doing, well I caught you. I didn\'t know what to say! She moved closer and said, IF you came in her I hope she does\'t get pregnant? She then reached for my crotch and said, You got any of that left for me. I didn\'t know what to say. I didn\'t have to say anything as I began to get an erection. With that she reached and pulled down my shorts and underwear and like with her daughter my cock sprang up. Oh1 My! IT\'s certainly a whole lot bigger then when I used to change you diapers. N0w why don\'t you put that i here as she quickly undressed before me. Her pussy juice glistened on her black hairy slit. The sight of it made me all the more harder. She Led me to the bedroom and I prepared to mount her I said she looked great and proceeded. to enter her. My cock slid easily into her. She was tight like her daughter but was loose either. She wrapped her legs around my back and really gave me a ride. I told her I thought I was cumming then she pushed me back grabbed my cock and squeezed it real tight, then guided it back in her. She knew how to get me to hold off my cumming to quick. I fucked her even harder now as her breathing began to quicken, I could feel my own climax approaching as she let out a moan. My balls began ejaculating my hot spunk into her. Oh! she moaned that\'s good. I rolled off from her and lay there, she again reached for my cock and began to fondle it again. I Asked her what she was doing and she said, Oh! we are not done yet, I got back on and we were at it again. ONly this time her daughter caught us and exclaimed mom! what are you two doing. How can you be in bed doing what you are doing? Her mother said doing the same thing as I see you both doing yesterday She said I caught you two in bed.



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