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[641008] My niece

This happened one afternoon when my niece would come out and stay with my mother. My niece was 46 and never married. I am 60 and married. My wife and I live across the street. THis was the first time that I had sex with my niece. I had went over to visit my mother this one saturday morning. My niece was still in her bathrobe with a flimsy nightie under it. We sat in the living room while we talked. My mother is near 90 years young so her eyesight and hearing is not very well. My niece sat across from me. As we talked I noticed my nieces bathrobe was open and I could see right up under her nightie. I began to get an erection and my niece also began to notice it also. AS we talked some more she slowly kept opening her legs. My cock was getting so hard as I could see her glistening pussy. When I got up and said bye to my mother my pants bulged out quite a bit. My niece walked me to the door and somehow managed to get a feel. I knew my mother would be taking her usual nap in the afternoon, so I said to my niece if you want company later when she has gone to bed then lay a towel on the back railing and I\'ll come over. I kept watch patiently waiting, thought maybe I had said the wrong thing? Nope I looked and there was the towel. I told my wife that my niece needed some help and that I would be across the road. I went in the back door. My niece was still in her nightie, but no robe this time. I took her in my arms and gave her a quick kiss, which she returned with much eagerness. I thought my niece had never been with boy\'s that I knew of, Hmmm! wonder where she learned to kiss. I kissed her back with much passion. I put my tongue in her mouth and she readily sucked it. My cock was getting really hard. I reached for the buttons of her nightie and began to unbutton them. While I was doing this she fumbled with my belt and zipper. I said let me help you and undid my belt and jeans and let them fall. I took a boob in my mouth and began sucking on her nipple she let out a moan. Her hand reached down into my undershorts and again let out a moan. I reached for her wet hot pussy and put a finger up in her. I asked if she had ever done anything like this before. She answered no! I said can I do it to you? She said, Do what? I said I want to fuck you. She led me to the side bedroom. WE both stripped naked. She was a bit on the heavy side but was nice just the same. She lay back on the bed and I spread open her legs and stepped between her thighs. I guided my stiff prick to her slit and rubbed it up and down to be sure it was well lubed, then placed it to the entry and began to push it in. She held me back and I said what is the matter and she said nothing. With that she wrapped her legs around my back and arched upward. I\'m not over endowed but she engulfed every inch of my cock in her. I let it rest a moment then began to hump her in and out. She met my every stroke as we made love. Before long I was ready to cum. Her breathing began to quicken. We both came about the same time. IT felt so wonderful I never thought about her maybe getting pregnant. WE lay there exhausted and I said how was that. MMMM! she good, can we do it again. I said sure. So every saturday afternoon when she came to visit I would watch for the towel



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